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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Top 3 Virtuemart extension for this July

Top 3 Virtuemart extension for this July

An ecommerce website that is considered to be successful when it was design to define customers’ demands as well as expectations, and after that, provides them a perfect experience, more than what they expect. To achieve this success, enthusiastic and effort are never enough, you can go on the shortest road leading to success by using tools. In this article, we will recommend top three Virtuemart extension for your online business website, we sure that these extensions will be really helpful for your business:

As its name, this product is special extension that is designed to show all steps just in one single page; therefore, checkout time will be much faster and the most important thing is reducing cart abandonment. According to recent study, companies asked said that 60% of checkout end without any conversion, they are all stressful about this problem. And, it is the reason why One page checkout was created. One of the most outstanding benefits of one page checkout is  providing option for guest checkout. It means that it will be easier for visitors or potential customers who just want to visit the site as a guest and make their purchase anonymously to purchase products they desire without registering and logging in their account. Moreover, One Page Checkout for Virtuemart also helps you to take a piece of mobile-ecommerce cake by responsive feature. And the back-end also inherits this tweak. You can study more about this product on Cmsmart, there are a lot of interesting features waiting for you to explore.

It is not exaggerated when affirming that Advanced Virtuemart Invoices is the leading platform on ecommerce. The reason is that this powerful extension allows shop owners to create Virtuemart orders, to issue PDF invoices, to change invoice layouts…inside Virtuemart admin panel. Huge amount of invoices sent to your online stores every day will be clarified by Order Management. You can send invoices to shopper via email or phones, you can customize your invoice easily without any technical knowledge required. Just by some simple manipulation such as dragging and dropping fields, inserting variables, the needed documents are created. In general, with this extension, you can totally update your business status quickly to have right business orientation to catch up with the change of market

In case you have a chain of images about one product and you want to upload all of them in the fastest speed just by one click, this product is totally suitable to your demand. Therefore, your images uploading process will be optimized, you can save tons of time and you can create more other products listings in Virtuemart. It will automatically created thumbnail for uploaded images. One note is that only after you upload the first product, is the upload button active. This plugin will be totally compatible with the latest version of Virtuemart and Joomla and be 100% open source without core Joomla Virtuemart hacks.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Virtuemart Ebay Instant Keyword Search Module

  • When the content of a website gets richer and richer and there is no way to showcase all of your products on homepage, it’s time to equip a powerful search engine for your store. Virtuemart Ebay Instant Keyword Search Module helps your customers to look up for their favorite products by a lot of nice features. Clients can narrow the search scale by categories or product ranges so that it saves time for them.
    With the Virtuemart Ebay Instant Keyword Search Module, client can enter the keyword or select specific categories to search keyword. The extension will shows you a list of suggestion or show no results if there aren't any matches.
    • Search with suggested keywords

      Instant keyword Search module gives results when users type keywords and match any name of products, idea of product description or category name
    • Search with categories

      Instead of searching with a large scale, clients can select the specific categories that is shown in a drop-down list.
    • Customized style

      The extension can be easily customized to have the best position on your page.

Ajax Drop Down Cart for Virtuemart

  • Almost well known e-stores today have powerful drop down carts swiftly revealing the added-to cart products in an excellent dropdown list appearance.
    Ajax Dropdown Cart makes ecommerce websites look tidy as well as competent, giving customer’s pleasures when reviewing products that they have chosen in shopping activities. Ajax Dropdown Cart Virtuemart extension is easy for you to set up like a regular Joomla installation. After you activate the module and include it at any chosen position in the Joomla template (top/header is recommended), then it will be ready to use the dropdown cart.
    • Instantly add products to cart without reloading the cart page.

      With this extension, your customer can add products into the cart without reloading the page.
    • Cart's content can be expandable with effects.

      The expanded line shows each product with quantity, the thumbnail, the name and sub-total
    • Update products without loading pages.

      Immediately update the total price of the cart, working with Virtuemart calculation system when your customer update products' quantity
    • Remove any product on the cart page.

      Your customer can remove any product from the drop-down cart, also they can empty cart by just one click.
    • Ajax load.

      When your customer update/delete an image to indicate loading process will appear.
    • Support multiple skins.

      5 colors avaiable ( Blue, Black, Pink, Red, Gray), suitable with many different types of ecommerce businesses, Virtuemart admin can choose colors from admin panel.
    • Easily customize pop-up skin.

      Admintrator can choose colors suitable with your store from admin panel.
      Also if you do not want to choose any avalable style, you can design your skin using the color picker
    • Config image thumb on cart.

      Config size of images thumbnail from admin panel:
    • Flexible config

      - Show/hide the delete button
      - Show/ hide the update button
      - Show/hide quantity input fuction
      - Show/ hide the update function for all products

Virtuemart Product Zoom Images

  • Joomla Virtuemart Zoom Plugin has recently been developed, to help visitors zoom in or zoom out products’ images in details, being applied to main images and image thumbnails. The Virtuemart zoom plugin is used when hover the mouse over main images or image thumbnails, coming in two main zoom shapes: circle or square. The plugin zooms - in the product image’s details, and opens it up or zoom it out. The thumbnails slider can auto play with speed specified.
    The plugin has a number of custom options to change ways that the plugin works in the frontend such as specifying the main image width and height, using the zoom icon or not. There are three types of zoom shapes: lens, window or inner. It’s easy to change the width and the height of the zoom window, the zoom’s border size, the zoom’s border color. There are options to change the slider: width, height, thumbnail width, thumbnail height, slide duration. The auto slider play can be chosen yes or no. Number line is added to the slider.

    Zoom product image when mouseover. The "Slider" function is also included. Do you have more than 3 additional pictures and there is no enough space to list them all? No problem, the thumbnail slider takes care of them. The additional pictures will be listed inside the slider and this slider comes FREE with the Zoom Effect.

    It’s easy to change the width and the height of the zoom window, the zoom’s border size, the zoom’s border color

    Admin can display the limited number otf image slides with number more than one piece, two pieces, three pieces, and more… in the slider option

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